Client: Data Computing Center of the Ministry of Finance, Belarus
Scope: Portal solutions
Technologies:  Java EE, Oracle ADF Portlet, APEX, PL/SQL, Web Services, SOA
Duration of the project: 1 year


The aim of the developed system was to create a single information resource for certification of accounting in the Republic of Belarus. The functions of the system were the following:

  • Recording of the specialists applying for Certificate of Professional Accountant, those who have it, or both.
  • Automatization of holding Professional Accountant Qualifying Certification exams.
  • Automatization of holding proficiency testing of individuals who have Certificate of Professional Accountant.
  • Keeping the Registry of given Certificates of Professional Accountant.

Today CPA is a web-application functioning both in the local network of the Ministry of Finance and on the Internet. The application also provides possible integration with other public resources via NAIS as well as adaptation to other areas of activity, for example, audit.