Epol Soft is “The Employer 2016”

Educational center “Lider” has announced Epol Soft the winner of the contest “The Employer 2016”.


The criteria for declaring the winner were working conditions for the personnel and included the following:

  • The average salary paid in the company in comparison to the average salary in the whole branch
  • Social package
  • Availability and cost of staff training
  • The percentage of employees who have worked for the company for more than 2 years
  • Existence of special working conditions

For 6 months, the commission members have been selecting the most suitable employers for this nomination. And thus, Epol Soft is among those companies that provide the best working conditions for the personnel in Brest and the whole region.

By winning the contest, Epol Soft has proven one more time that it takes particular care of the best employees.